Liquor & Gaming Licensing

Liquor & Gaming Licence Advice & Support

With hundreds of liquor & gaming licensing projects successfully completed, find out why we’re the number one choice for gaming and liquor licences.

Need help with your Liquor Licence?

Find out why we are the leading Liquor Licensing Consultants in Queensland with unrivalled success stories.

DNS Specialist Services provide expert advice and solutions for commercial and independent businesses covering all areas of licensing including liquor, gaming and general area licensing.

We work with a range of pubs, clubs, hotels, restaurants and cafes across Australia to ensure their liquor licence applications, renewals and extensions are acquired and completed on time and on budget. Our expertise means our clients enjoy a fast-tracked chance of success for;

  • New liquor licence applications
  • Liquor licence trading hour extensions
  • Special events liquor licensing
  • Liquor licence transfers
  • OLGR & Government liaison
  • General liquor licence advice

New Liquor Licence Applications

We manage liquor licensing applications to the OLGR for new commercial pubs, clubs, restaurants, cafes & more!

RAMPS (Risk Assessed Management Plan)

Get independent liquor licensing advice and support on your venue’s Risk-Assessed Management Plan (RAMP).

Liquor Licence Extensions, Transfers & Variations

We manage all extended liquor trading hours, existing licence transfers, detached liquor stores, special event liquor licensing and trading applications.

Liquor Community Impact Statements

Get help completing standard or full Community Impact Statements (CIS) to ensure your best outcome with the OLGR.

New Gaming Licence Applications

Apply for new gaming licence applications for electronic gaming machines (EGMs).

EGM Increase Applications

Increasing your EGM entitlements? We manage the application process for increased gaming machine entitlements on your behalf.

Gaming Licence Extensions, Transfers & Variations

Get help with gaming machine licensing applications, gaming trading hours extension applications, building & renovation, relocations, tansfers & extensions.

Gaming CIS or CIA Applications

Get help completing gaming Community Impact Statements (CIS) or Community Impact Assessments (CIA) to ensure your best outcome with the OLGR.

Need help with your Gaming Licence?

Our gaming licence consultants are ready to assist you on your next gaming project.

DNS Specialist Services provide market leading solutions for gaming venues (community clubs, pubs and casinos) regarding their gaming authorities and relevant jurisdictions.

Our pub, club, hotel and casino clients across Australia leverage our extensive licensing expertise to ensure their gaming licensing projects are completed with minimal turnaround times. We specialise in:

  • Gaming machine licensing applications
  • Inreased gaming entitlements applications
  • Gaming lounge trading hours extension application
  • Gaming licence transfer
  • Building and renovation gaming license applications
  • OLGR & Government liaison
  • Community Impact Statements / Assessments
  • General gaming licence advice

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